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Our Process

Beyond the normal estimating tasks, Precision can help with schedule, value engineering and design constructability review. We can provide budgeting assistance from schematic design through “For Construction” documents to help keep the project in budget. We can provide value engineering options based on our experienced staff of estimators and reviews by our operations personnel.  Precision can assist in developing accurate schedules prior to commencement of a project.  Our well thought-out schedules are capable of reducing overall project durations and preventing cost overruns due to extended general conditions.

Our high level of experience and the diversity of the projects we work on allow us to provide feedback on the constructability and completeness of the project documents.  Our estimators are instrumental in clarifying and facilitating the bid process with our clients through request for information (RFI). Many times these RFI’S save time and money once the project is started.


Precision Concrete uses the latest Building Information Modeling(BIM) tools as part of our construction process in order to take advantage of today’s advanced technology. We do not believe in the one size fits all approach to employing BIM tools but we evaluate each project to determine the highest and best use of modeling tools. Each job has unique characteristics and requirements just as each client has specific goals and objectives. BIMRight empowers us to manage your project more efficiently and cost effectively increasing the service satisfaction level with the entire process.

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