Start With Safety, Finish With Excellence

At Precision, our mission is safety. We ensure workers at all levels are trained to perform their jobs safely and effectively.

Mobile Project-Specific Training

Our Safety Training Van travels between job sites to provide project-specific video-based and instructional training.

Rewarding Employees for Upholding Our Culture of Safety

Our workers are the backbone of our safety culture, which mandates employees to:

Through our Safety Incentive Program, we reward employees monetarily for their contribution to upholding our culture and resolute safety standards.

We’re Committed to a Drug-Free Workplace

As part of our commitment to safety and a drug-free workforce, we complete thorough new-hire drug screenings and conduct random drug tests on all employees to meet and exceed the requirements set forth by the Drug-Free Workplace Program of the State of Georgia Chamber of Commerce.

Safety Awards

Work With Us

If you need a project completed with rigor or are looking for a rewarding career with an award-winning team of concrete construction experts, we’d love to hear from you.