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Project Management

When the construction phase is approaching, our project management team is ready to get involved and make the project a reality. They begin by producing a project specific safety plan, detailed project schedule and procuring materials.


Our project managers use the latest software to collaborate with all members of the project team insuring participants are sharing the latest project information. The management team will coordinate with our clients to establish a dimensional control plan and review concrete mix designs for the proper application. They will assess hoisting options, crane size, materials placement and workflow to establish an efficient site logistics plan.

Our project managers and project engineers will perform a detailed review and coordination of the form work and reinforcing steel shop drawings. They will immediately start submitting RFI’s to head off problems before they affect work in the field. There will be no stamp and send without a complete assessment and schedule to facilitate and ensure quality construction.

A successful project requires a team effort and our project managers play the key role in guiding the team to success.

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